Nobody Said it was easy. It’s such a shame for us to part.

Do you recognize this lyric? It’s from that Coldplay song – is it called The Scientist or something? We’re not avid Coldplay listeners so we don’t know exactly, we swear. But either way, we doubt it was written for Guitar Center. We’ve learned that recently Guitar Center has filed for Chapter 11. Clearly, the final nail in the coffin for this establishment has everything to do with COVID. But this is a company that has been struggling for years, in our humble opinion, for two reasons. First reason, sales strategy, or lack thereof. We’ve visited this store many times in our lives, and with the exception of some of our Uncharted podcasting gear, we’ve made 0 purchases here. We go to Guitar Center only to test and play the instruments they have on the floor, because we know, as most do, that no store rep will approach us to ask if we need help. They have become infamous for this and it’s hurt them. Secondly, you guessed it, image.


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