Some new chicken scratch to consider.


A Course For Good

For the month of May, Uncharted will be donating 100% of its billings to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. If you have any marketing needs whatsoever and would like to help, we'd be delighted to talk. We hope this message finds you healthy and well. Chris Dutton Matt Spett



We spend so much time dreaming up branding ideas for other companies that it’s become very easy to forget about branding ourselves, and that’s not a good thing. In early 2020, we presented a magnifying glass idea for another project, but secretly wanted it for ourselves. We breathed a sigh of relief when they didn’t bite. “Yes! Let’s make 200 of them” we said. “They’ll be great leave behinds for our meetings!” we said. “Nailed it!”, we said. Just kidding, we never say “nailed it”, but we did make them. A lot of them. And, sure enough, within a say “nailed it”, but we did make them. A lot of them. And, sure enough, within a week after picking them up from the printer, meetings as we knew them
became obsolete.

These poor magnifying glasses have been sitting idol for the last six months without words to enlarge, without leaves to burn through, without a real potential client saying "uh, cool, a magnifying glass promotional item. Thanks?" when handed to them. We are optimistic, though. We will get through this. And we will pick up the magnifying glass meeting momentum. But until then, we're curious...would you like an Uncharted magnifying glass of your very own? Just reply to this email and we'll make it happen.


Surprise, Surprise!

Recently, we were asked by a prospective client what they should expect if they decided to move forward with Uncharted. After a moment of quick thought, we responded, “constant surprise”. Yes, constant surprise, over and over again. We firmly believe that whoever you employ to handle your marketing efforts should surprise you with constant, unexpected, smart thinking.

We believe this to be so important and a great measuring stick for any creative partners. You should be surprised. You should expect to be surprised. You’re paying someone to think for you. If they bring in ideas that stay the course and act as you would expect, then they haven’t done their job.

Digital campaign? Surprise. TV spot? Surprise. Fridge magnet? Hell yes, you should be surprised! No matter the media vehicle, your creative partners should deliver thinking that is unique, on-brand and surprising. deliver thinking that is unique, on-brand and surprising. So, the next time you’re choosing a creative partner, ask them what you should expect. The answers may SURPRISE you.


An Open Apology To Our Inbox

We’re guilty.

When we started our company, we were just two creative guys stepping out of a world of being coddled and protected in our creative space. A lot of the only outreach we had with our clients was while presenting ideas and being on production. Sure, we were responsible for winning the new business, but never really responsible for finding the new business, and finding the new business involves putting ourselves out there. We've learned – and we've learned the hard way – that people aren't quick to respond, or simply do not respond at all. We're still learning and constantly inventing new ways of reaching out to potential clients, and, yes, we still get plenty of positive response. But we also get ghosted. Of course, every now and then we take it personally, but then we realize we're doing the same damn thing. Our inboxes currently have hundreds of unread messages. Some are from over a year ago. And we're sure we've clicked "delete" on about 1,000 or so. Sure, many are automated newsletters, much like this one. But a good number are from real vendors, real people, with real livelihoods...graphic designers, illustrators, printers, money managers, and the list goes on. They are just asking if we're interested in doing business with them. They are not swinging punches at us. So why are we avoiding them? Through email, it's just too easy to disappear on people. And, we're cringing, but we're gonna say it – NOW MORE THEN EVER, WE NEED TO BE OPEN WITH EACH OTHER. And, friends, we're changing our behavior and making a commitment to responding to everyone who reaches out to us. Even if it's "Sorry, not interested, but thanks for the email." You will get an actual human response. Test us! Dare we ask that you do the same? Join us in taking the "Respond to every email" challenge.


Let’s Go

We’re always ready to lead the way.